Sunday , January 29 2023

MINSAL ALIENS TO BE SUBSEQUENT FOR 30 Thousands of HIV cases that do not know that carriers


The Ministry of Health will do an important job identify 30,000 HIV cases that are not enough to be carriers of the virus. The campaign is based on Onuside data that only 40 thousand of the 70 000 cases diagnosed were treated.

Given that the expectations of the contagion will increase, especially since the summer will take place in different actions, and the teams will go to places of high calling, such as universities, companies, prisons, and even the most visited beaches, as described by La Tercera.

These points will also strengthen the work with different strategic alliances that implements the portfolio and the deployment of fast-tracking staff to diagnose in 15 minutes.

To date, Minsal is they have already purchased 260,000 of these equipment and will soon buy another 800,000.

"We are trying to shake up more young people about the risk they are in. We need to get in other ways and think, for example, during the summer period to see how we are setting up mobile stations on beaches and centers where there are a large number of young people and doing something simple because they can easily access the test, "explained the minister Emilio Santelices.

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