Friday , January 27 2023

More present than ever: Imports of toys are growing and revealing who are in the greatest demand | Economics


The positioning of technology is not diminished in the world of toy stores, which is through the distributor they grew 59% between January and October of this year.

The above, compared to the same period of 2017, total $ 479 million, as opposed to the previous 302 million, + – in the same currency.

According to the statistics of Comex Plus Chamber of Commerce Santiago (CCS), the increase can be explained mainly by "an explosive expansion of around 143% experienced in imports Selected Toys ", which amounts to $ 271 million, the statement said.

Bicycles were in second place, with $ 72 million; third, video games, consoles and their accessories, with $ 66 million, then toys by scale, with $ 22 million; and finally dolls, with $ 20 million.

As regards positive variations In the same period, puzzles increased by 93% and bicycles by 29%. On the other hand, imports of tricycles, skateboards and pedal cars recorded a decline of 77%, while the arrival of toys in the scale decreased by 11%.

China continues to dominate participation in this area, 78%; although in 2017 it was 83%. The Asian giant was followed by the United States along with "other countries", with 7%, respectively; and Taiwan, with 3%.


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