Tuesday , May 18 2021

Mota-Engil awarded projects for more than $ 232 million in Peru in 2018 Economy | Companies

Mota-Engil, a Portuguese construction group that is present in Europe, Africa and eight Latin American countries: Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Brazil, Aruba and the Dominican Republic, have been awarded projects for more than US $ 232 million in their Peru operation during this 2018.

This award corresponds to 10 projects such as: construction of Vizcachas and Bocatoma Titira (AngloAmerican); construction of Phase 4 of the dam for the dams of Las Bambas; Bulk Earthvorks in Mini Justa (Marcobra); and Paracas Port Terminal (Puerto General San Martin), among others.

For the award of a contract on the Peruvian market, the recent issuance of fiduciary certificates of investment projects (CERPI) by the Group's subsidiary in Mexico amounts to $ 150 million. The funds of the Investment Fund will be used to finance projects in different sectors and countries of Latin America.

Ricardo Camelo, General Manager of Mota Engil Peru, said that the CERPI Fund would allow Mota Engil Peru to invest in the future in the co-financing of reconstruction, healthcare and education projects, among other things.

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