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new accusation by former wife Sergio Jadue Glamorama


Author: C. Z. / March 15, 2019

"Scandal of the Week" – a popular section of the former Primer Plano program – are explosive statements given by former wife Segio Jaduea, Maria Ines Facuse, to Julia Cesara Rodriguez for a new morning show of the Chilean – MIRE HERE VIDEO-.

Jadue remains in the United States as a protected witness of the FBI in case of corruption in FIFA. There he also took the ex-wife and two children.

In an interview published this week, Facus accused the former football leader of practically abandoning him. He spoke of him with harsh conditions. But her son – who lives with Jadue – did not agree with her.

In response to Maria Ines's statement, the boy accused him of being "unfaithful" and "throwing it" out of the house. "HERE HAVE BEEN DEFENDED SINCE JADA.

And today, the scandal has increased. The former couple held a hearing in Miami, amidst the alimony process Facuse asked for his youngest daughter. Today, a woman gave an interview from North America for Radio Cooperative, where she published new and explosive statements about Jadue:

Maria Ines Facuse: "I'm a little tired of the subject. Nothing has been achieved, maybe nothing has been achieved, but what I do, not to start inventing things, is that I do not want to be supported, because I can work perfectly myself.

"What I want is to be responsible for the child's food allowance. I have two weeks and I will be in full custody and have visits to a girl.

"I talked about it the other day, I do not want to give you more with my son's theme, it's very hard for me, he has the same behavior of Sergio." He was already in a very difficult situation, he was arrested.

Sebastian Esnaola, Director: "I understand he attacked his girlfriend"

Facuse: "Yes, so I do not want to touch the topic anymore, I tried to be a good good mom, try to help him and try to always be there. I am a witch and I will always have to be a witch, because the witches are the mothers we educate. I am wrong in the way that I spoke harshly, or I simply missed the situations that I was not allowed to miss.

"At some point, when it grows up, it will realize that my fathers and mothers keep a few problems that we have in a marriage so that the family can sustain them."

Cecilia Rovaretti leads: "Maria Ines, I wanted to ask you, how was it, emotionally, to be there to face Sergio Jadue?"

Facuse: "I want to clarify this, I said because I was tired, I was tired of laughing at everyone, I was tired of laughing in my face, I do not know how old the laughs.

"Hey, I would be unfaithful many times in Chile. And the one who was unbelievable was him and he got in touch with the minister, and he knows it perfectly well, when he was president of ANFP. So make right if you want to find out, find out who was the minister who joined Mr. Sergio Jadue, and that I had to be quiet.

"I will continue to talk and I will not get tired of talking because I was very quiet because I am a mom because I had to pay for myself and because when I came from Chile I came in the hope of re-developing and progressing as a family.

Esnaola: "This is a serious complaint he makes. Who do you target when you make this discovery?"

Facuse: No, I will not tell you the name. I only tell you to accuse me of disbelief, and I have a partner since January. He was a couple since September, when he went to hit me, to the department, with a traffic cone. Documents you can get and if you go to the health police.

"There is a man who always defends him, Mr. Julian, who calls Canal 13, who calls all the channels." Because, it seems that the gentleman does not work, because he is always ready to give notes. It turns out that this man has a criminal record. So, with these people, Jadue joins here.

Esnaola: "As you said to the minister, she caught our attention"

Facuse: "Yes, with the minister this was an unbeliever, he begged me, he asked me not to say, to say nothing and to forgive him. And I did not have any problems, because finally, do you want to say something to me? Here are the most senior men than women.

"I do not care. I wanted, I forgave him and I have a family, I have two children with him. As much as I say that my first child is not his biological son, notice that my son Nicolas was the one who supported him most in life.

"And Sergio would be hit on him and that's why I had to file several complaints in Chile." Then there's already too much about lying about it "

Esnaola: "Leave an open space when you do not say the name of that person. I ask you again"

Facuse: "I will not tell you anything, because she does not have to have bad weather for this man"

Esnaola: "Is she the former minister?"

Facuse: "Yes, the former minister."

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