Sunday , January 29 2023

Onemi declared an early warning on the Easter Island due to abnormal islands


The National Emergency Office (Onemi) proclaimed Preventive early warning for Easter Island after the Valparaiso Maritime Meteorological Center issued a notification of abnormal swabs for the area, which will take effect on Tuesday, November 6th.

The naval divisions reported that "a strong wind in the ocean area would generate waves and bad sea conditions, which will be designed as on the southwestern waves and the fault in the coastal edge " Rapa Nui

Because of the above, it is that "the size of this phenomenon allows us to predict potential damage to seafaring infrastructure and possible overflows and floods"

This condition will be held at least until Thursday, November 8th.

The declaration of this warning is constituted as a state of strengthening control through precise and rigorous monitoring of the state of risk and the corresponding vulnerabilities associated with the threat, coordination and activation of the civil protection system to act fairly in the event of emergencies.

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