Sunday , January 29 2023

Only in 2018, the Government of Chile sent 40 requests to Apple for customer information


Transparency on the side of the endless loop.

At Apple, they usually submit government reports every quarter, but this time they did it modern.

Thanks to the new website of transparency, we can move around the world and see each country, with a friendly and easy-to-understand interface for everything that every government has asked for, at least with wide moves.

In the particular case of Chile, the report states that they were contacted 40 times to request information from the users. Of these, 36 were for device data (IMEI or serial number), once for financial issues (credit cards) and three times for searching data from Apple accounts, such as mail and items of that style.

Tim Cook

And Apple gave them data? In the case of financial, no. As far as the account is concerned, only 2 of 3 and devices, 75%, were delivered.

This year, Chile did not contact Apple for "emergencies," as if it had happened in other countries, where in case there is a lost person or a disaster, the company can help.

As expected, Germany and the United States were leading the list in Apple's information requirements, although this was probably the case with the number of iPhone users and other Apple devices.

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