Tuesday , January 31 2023

Par Fernanda Maciel warns of possible liability: Pay, I will be their worst nightmare | National


The place where Fernanda Maciel, a 21-year-old girl, disappeared on February 10 after she left her house in Conchali, is not known for more than 10 months.

A few days before Christmas and New Year, his partner, Luis Pettersen, complained that there was still no information about his location. "They were terrible dates (…) For the whole family, it was a difficult time especially at important dates," said Mui Buenas Dias.

In addition, he noticed that "we thought that Fernanda got into the car or someone happened to retreat, but eventually we began to think about it she is lost in the basement ".

This winery has been trained by police personnel for several months and is in a position close to Maciel's home.

However, Pettersen assured that a young woman had nothing to do with those who rented her and stressed that "she had to have contact with the person who had access to the warehouse, the key, because Fernanda he did not want to enter his ",

"It must be a familiar person and sector if Fernanda arrives in the warehouse (…) The police know that the cameras speak for themselves," he added.

He is also confident he has identified who will be involved in the disappearance of Fernanda Maciel. "They will pay, I will be their nightmare"he warned.

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