Thursday , September 29 2022

Pension funds register their second consecutive month with a loss in October


09 Pension funds

The monthly report of the Superintendence of pensions according to October revealed that all funds leased negative in the tenth month of the year, adding assets to $ 191,273 million.

The most important losses were recorded by funds A (risky) with a decrease of 3.97% and B (risk) by 3.16%. Fund C, meanwhile, recorded a decline of 2.12%. Funds D (conservative) recorded a decline of 1.05%, while Fund E (conservative) contracted 0.68%.

These losses are explained by the negative returns on investments in foreign capital instruments and Chilean shares, in addition to their local debt positions.

This, taking into account the decline in profitability in dollars from the global MSCI index (8.99%) and new (10.94%) and monthly returns of local shares of IPSA (5.78%).

As a result of October, pension funds are adding their second month, followed by losses, as this scenario took place in September.

As far as profitability is concerned, since 2002, when they started with multifunction, A and B recorded an average of 6.05% and 5.13%. Fund C had a profit of 7.93%; while the most conservative funds are cumulative returns of 4.22% and 4.49%.

This decrease in profitability also relates to an increase in the interest rates of national fixed income instruments.

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