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Pregnant woman searches for Uber driver who saved her life – Social networks

A pregnant woman is looking for a Uber driver who saved her life

The woman said through social networks that she had suffered urgent medical attention and that without the help of this man she would not endure.

Macarena Ramirez


An unusual story is viralized through social networks. The pregnant woman has told her experience with Uber driver, whom she thanks for.

It all started when the young woman Alejandra Ibanez broke the rabbit and began to feel bad. "The other I coughed more often." She always thought it was an asthma attack, so she asked her husband to ask the car to go to an ambulance.

"My husband was looking for Uber and he arrived (Miguel Angel). When he saw me, he said that his son had asthma and that it was not an asthma attack. He accelerated and, as he set off, he called other drivers to help move forward, noting that he was in an emergency situation. We arrived at a two-year clinic in a very short time, "a woman wrote on her Facebook account.

Alejandra Ibanez

Shortly after losing consciousness, he does not remember until he awakened full of hose and connected the machines to breathe.

When he left the emergency case and regained consciousness, the doctor asked him where they were and when he said they came from Maipua, he was surprised. "He said how far, I told him that I knew, we took Uber and noticed that it was not good for me to fly with us. The doctor told me that a man deserves 10 stars, it takes another 15 minutes, you and your baby will get the dead "he counted.

Finally, the doctor explained that the anaphylactic shock caused by rabbits was endured. "I had serious respiratory failure (…) I just want to thank him, because if I did not notice that he was going bad, he might have killed me … I wish he could read and write me. Thank you. "

Alejandra is out of danger at home. "Already in the house with my baby in the womb, hoping that everything that happened did not affect his normal development."

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