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President UC: There are no problems with Buonanotte, he will most likely continue

President of the Catholic University, Juan Tagle, in conversation with Outdoor in Cooperative, he called for the release of the newspaper on Monday The Mercuri, who convinced UC not to restore Diego Buonanotte's steering wheel in June, a situation that he rejected and indicated that it is most likely that Trasandino will continue in the Chilean football championship.

"True, I do not know where the news comes from. With Diego there is no difficulty, we appreciate what he did at the club and when the date of the interview arrives (in mid 2019, the contract is concluded) both parties will declare Interest to continue to work, it's probably soTagle said.

In addition, he added that "we have a renewal policy, in which we approach players a little before they finish their relationship, so we with German Lanair, and now everything is very advanced so that it continues, in the same way that our young people are trained at home"

In the second, the head of the "precordillerano" department referred to the departure of Spanish coach Benat San Jose, stating that "I did not mind Benat's departure. Both technicians came out in the best way. It was off the road, which we also suggested, with a reciprocal contract. We continue as friends and very attentive to his campaign and he is at the club. So, there is no discomfort. "

Likewise, the situation explained the interest that the University of Chile had in its large figure Luciano Aued, ensuring that "We learned about interest in U, but I do not know who thought that we would get rid of Luciana ".

"When they informed us, we said that we were not ready to strengthen U with a player who was also the best in the championship for many. There is no so-called gentleman agreement, we were those who did not accepthe added.

The arrival of Quintero and the strengthening of the year 2019

Juan Tagle also mentioned the arrival of the Argentine coach Gustavo Kuinteros, ensuring that "we have long-term coaching staff, a very successful career and this brought a lot of players' performance. In addition, he very much agrees with the players we are looking for.

In addition, he assured that the team was set up in 2019 that "we are doing well, we are progressing as planned. First, the renovation of Ditura, now almost ready for German. We have made great progress to the left, I will not say the name, and we are looking for one or two ends and the center forward.

On the other hand, he said that "surprised" by Andres Vilches, who said his script had changed in the Catholic departure of Benat San José.

Finally, he addressed a constant search for young players for each season, stating that "cWe have a quantity reserved only for hiring a projection player, two or three million dollars we use a little by little, and with the idea that they are an investment and that they are not lost. It does not work for foreigners, because the external players we bring, we try to be tested, "he concluded.

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