Friday , May 7 2021

Providencia: Former Mayor Errazuriz attacks Matthei

This Thursday, the former Mayor of Providencia, Josefa Errazuriz, participated in a public activity where the report was rejected alleged abuse of power, improper arrest, and even physical harassment by municipal officials as part of the zero tolerance plan for street trade in the municipality.

Errazuriz has condemned measures such as those carried out against the administration of current Mayor Evelyn Matthei and a safe Merkur what "It is good to regulate informal trade, but dialogue, not violence"

He added that he regretted the existence of municipal officials using municipal vehicles without identifying themselves and having to wear protective vests. "What are we talking about?" He asked himself. "I'm walking with my granddaughter through the commune and I need to explain what a man with a protective vest"added the former mayor.

"Providencia is again becoming a gray commune, and I'd love a cheerful community, where neighbors feel part of their streets, "he frightened.

Faced with this, the mayor of Providence has encouraged his predecessor to "come out a little more to see all the colors and joys that exist at the time" in the municipality. As for the police vest, Matthey replied that "It is a shame that they have to use them, but in fact the degree of violence with which we find it makes it necessary"

"She (Errazuriz) allowed street vendors to go to the streets of the province, allowed drug dealers to take over the Bustamante Park. It allowed the financial catastrophe that cost us $ 7 billion and we are still trying to pay"Matthey replied.

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