Tuesday , January 31 2023

PSU: Number of national points increased by 40%


Despite the fact that 294 thousand people gave their own University Selection Test (PSU) will find out their results next Wednesday, December 26, the Rector's Council announced on Friday the number of national ratings: it was an increase of almost 40% compared to the previous year.

Detailed, for the current reception process, from 2019. 211 achieved the highest results, a figure that far exceeded 151 in the 2018 process.

Number analysis shows that the increase was influenced by a positive increase in the mandatory test Mathematics, which from 117 of the previous maximum results increased to 199.

On the other hand, mandatory testing Language worrying decline: from 9 national results of the previous process to only 2 in the present.

Similar drops have been experienced in election tests Science, which ranged from 10 to just 2, and History, Geography and Social Sciences, which has decreased from 14 to 6.

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