Sunday , November 1 2020

Raian Fernando Riera Complex against Reinaldo Rueda – LaTercera

  1. Raian is Fernand Rier's complex with phrases against Reinaldo Rueda LaTercer
  2. ANFP president exerts pressure on Rueda: "The idea is to improve and defend the title in Copa America" ​​Radio Agriculture
  3. [VIDEO] Rodrigo Herrera points to Rueda because of the absence of Claudia Bravo: "He wanted to avoid a problem in the locker room"
  4. "They do not respect him": "Coca" Mendoza shot at Rueda in the absence of Claudio Bravo BioBioChile
  5. Moreno: "The idea is to defend Chile's title in Copa America" ​​AS Chile
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