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Reginato would exert pressure on the artist who had a major impact on the festival after discovering the National Deficit


Mayor of Vina del Mar, Virginia Reginato, pressed Channel 13 and TVN to sign a "high impact" artist for the festival of these cities, after a devastating report discovered irregularities in his administration commanding that building.

According to the publication of the Clinic, it all began in December 2018, almost a month after a document of the controller was published, a situation in which it is from the municipality of the city garden. They insisted on the leaders of both television stations in charge of the event.

"Mediators told them, with all sincerity, that the negative report comes for the municipality," the paper writes. "That's what they told us A strong name could help them dig up the negative impact of the audit, in addition to improving the artist's grill this year, "he told the organization's source at the Clinic.

Until then there were no important numbers, so the search began in which names such as Jennifer Lopez, Kueen and Christina Aguilera. None of them reached an agreement, but a few days later a new band was proposed: Backstreet Bois.

"On January 21st, when a review of the controllers was published, the mayor's calls to the channels were increased. In the afternoon of January 23, the US-based contract was sealed for $ 650 million (…) and at 20:23 the same day, Mayor Reginato announced from his personal Twitter account ", publish the report.

After the crisis of the report, the mayor took the precautionary measures. One of them was for the first time not going through the red carpet gala veèeri He stayed at the entrance to the casino, receiving the participants, marginalized on another plane to avoid possible mistakes.

Has it succeeded?

Although Reginato refused to talk to the clinic as a result of this publication, one of her advisors – who kept her identity in reserve – is.

"It's the hardest festival we've ever encountered, but it was better than we expected and there were only isolated incidents ", he says.

"The announcement of Backstreet Bois visits, he admits, helped: the media turned to talk about the Festival and the issue of the deficit went into the background. Even Reginato appeared during February morning when TVN and Channel 13 speak of the event, without question about their political situation, "the article adds.

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