Tuesday , May 30 2023

Rijeka denies a transport company for reselling tickets for Superfinal from Bottle


Through a press release, Club Atletico River Plate explained that Andesmar sold tickets with tickets for the "end of the century" from Boca unofficially.

Andesmar promoted "combinations" that included, for example, a trip to a sleeping car and entry to the Baja Centenario tower, leaving Mendoza or San Luis at 30,000 pesos.

Andesmar Note 02.jpg

The river has informed that monumental revenues will be strongly controlled in order to ensure this Tickets match the carrier's carrier card.


"Following some publications about unofficial sales platforms, Club Atletico River Plate asks its supporters not to buy tickets through these funds, because it is forbidden to resell, as defined in Article 91 of the Law of the Contravencional Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Law No. 1472" the statement of the Nunez institution reported.

"All the cards will print the name, surname and DNI of the owner, the reason why the entrance and DNI will be needed for the effectiveness of security, and they will check that they are both aligned with the person, and in the event of disagreement, they will be detained. coupons for re-routing will not be able to enter the stadium, "said the river.

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