Friday , April 16 2021

Rising cases: 289 new infections have been reported in the region in the last 24 hours

In the health balance for today, Friday, April 2, local authorities reported the deaths of six people from the coronavirus, 04 residing in La Serena, 01 in La Higuera and 01 in Paihuan.

As for the details of the new cases, 289 new cases were reported 93 from La Serena, 62 from Coquimba, 01 from Andacolla, 01 from La Higuera, 04 from Paihuana, 14 from Vicuna, 22 from Illapel, 03 from Los Vilos, 10 from Salamanca , 38 from Ovalla, 03 from Combarbala, 19 from Monte Patria, 08 from Punitakui, 02 from other regions and 09 without notification in the Epivigil system, reaching a total of 27,346 accumulated cases, with 1,267 active infections.

As for the condition of the Help Network, the director of the Coquimbo health service, Edgardo Gonzalez, reported that 231 patients were hospitalized in the region as a result of Covid, of which 101 were seriously ill in intensive care units (ICU), and 86 of them were connected to mechanical ventilation.

As for the availability of beds in the unit for critical patients, today the health network has 19 units, of which 12 are from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), those that use mechanical ventilation and 7 from the Intermediate Treatment Unit (UTI).


In the same way, health authorities reiterated their call on the community to respect quarantine over the long weekend.

“We want to seek maximum respect for health measures for this holy weekend. Do not leave homes, do not maintain physical distance and use the mask properly. We are living a very complex moment of a pandemic, so we need everyone’s support to avoid new virus infections,” Seremi said. de Salud, Alejandro Garcia.

Health authorities stressed the need for proper use of individual travel permits. “Don’t go out unless it’s something necessary. “Let’s live Holy Week in the Covid regime, in our homes and with relatives,” Garcia added.

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