Wednesday , March 22 2023

SAP buys Kualtrics for $ 8,000 million



SAP and Kualtrics International (Kualtrics) have just announced an agreement by which SAP SE intends to acquire Kualtrics, enabling both companies to thrive in today's economy of experience.

Under the terms of the contract, SAP will acquire all outstanding Kualtrics shares for US $ 8,000 million. SAP has provided financing of $ 7 billion to cover the purchase price and costs associated with the purchase. According to, the purchase price includes compensation for incentives for employees who are not collected and cash in the final state. Depending on the usual conditions of closure and compliance with regulatory powers, it is expected that the purchase will close in the first half of 2019. Boards of Directors SAP and Kualtrics have already approved the transaction as well as shareholders of Kualtrics. They approved the transaction.

The combination of Kualtrics and SAP could extend to Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM), the category where Salesforce has a significant presence and where other companies like Microsoft are trying to acquire the country. On the other hand, this agreement could pose problems to SurveiMonkei, a competitor of Kualtrics that was released in September.

KSM platform Kualtrics collects comments and data in four vital areas of the company: customers, employees, products and brands that are key in the world where companies succeed or fail based on the experience they offer.

This is one of the biggest acquisitions of SAP in the past few years, compared to Concur in 2014, however, despite its size, we must be careful with the risk that the start-up high-flying system will be lost within the world's largest multinational companies in technology or fail to move the needle as expected. such a price, said the Spanish media.

In a recent interview for Forbes, CEO Kualtrics Ryan Smith and SAP CEO Bill McDermott said they were in contact last week. Two already common clients such as Under Armor, and according to Smith, the possible synergy between the company (Kualtrics, focused on experience data, SAP on operational data) favored the terms of the contract, so that the joint work is easier perspective.

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