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Scientists create mammography that does not bite your chest or use X-rays – Health and wellbeing


Scientists create a mammography that does not bite the chest or uses X-rays

Argentinian scientists have recognized and won a second place by genius creativity.

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Team of Argentine scientists, which are part of The Commission for Scientific Investigation (CIC) from the province Buenos Aires, created an optical mammogram that uses infrared light.

The invention attracted attention because does not use X-rays, much less requires mechanical understanding, which so far has been met by women, due to an unpleasant and painful examination.

They assure it the exam can be done more often and applied to young people, in addition to facilitating the work of the doctor at the moment.

"The goal of our optical mammography is not to replace traditional mammography, which is the best method to date, but to offer a device that doctors can more easily apply in their consultation; an option that also provides solutions in areas where traditional mammography can not cover as a continuous monitoring of younger women, "Juan Pomarico explained to El Dia.

In addition, he explained that "thanks to the light that travels diffusely within the human tissue, it is possible to connect with the same face with which the tissue is illuminated, as backwardly torn down. instead of compressing the chest between the two plates as has been done on traditional mammograms, The patient lies in a small mouth on a table with a transparent window where it is illuminated and receives light. "

Nicolas Carbone, another researcher, was convinced There are still stages to be implemented in order to do this: "The next phase is then to complete the entire phase of clinical studies where the device is being tested whether it is able to detect the presence of the disease. For this, it is necessary to develop an apparatus different from that used in the laboratory, which can be taken to the hospital and tested. "

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