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Scientists discover method for eliminating cells infected with HIV – Technology and science


© The Universal Scientists discover a method to eliminate HIV-infected cells

The research was carried out by scientists from the Pasteur Institute. Tvn


This week, a new step has been taken in the fight against HIV: researchers at the Pasteur Institute They found the way Eliminate infected cells with this virus.

Findings are published in the journal Cell Metabolism, where scientists identified the characteristics of CD4 T lymphocytes. They found that the virus targeted mainly cells with high metabolic activity and, thanks to inhibitors of this activity, they succeeded in destroying infected cells.

The experiment showed that it was the metabolic activity of the cell, especially its consumption glucosewhich plays a key role in sensitivity.

The research was called "Cell metabolism is an important determinant of HIV-1 reservoir sowing in CD4 + T cells and provides the ability to respond to infection" This was carried out by researchers from the Pasteur Institute, a French non-profit foundation that contributes to the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.

The results of the investigation are The first step towards dealing with the virus and stop the disease, but they warn it are still missing, so the technique used is applied in patients.

Chile is amongst 10 countries with the highest increase in HIV. According to ISP data, infections have increased over the last eight years 96% mainly in young people between 15 and 29 years of age.

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