Tuesday , January 31 2023

Senames are asking the court to protect you who recorded how he beat his pet to the death of National


The National Juvenile Service has asked the Guarantee Court to protect it a minor who tortured his pet to death, recording him to transfer him to the internet.

This Thursday, El Pinguino, the group of animals that lead, explained Codda they filed a formal appeal to the PDI in Punta Arenas to provide more information about the crash of a cat by a young Magellan student.

In this regard, Mauricio Negrete, head of the PDI Criminal Investigation Brigade, explained that "we have received a complaint from representatives of all groups of animals from Punta Arenas in a country-known case."

"They must give public peace to the public to work," Negrete added.

Adrian Garrido, President Codde, emphasized that, as a group, he would not allow events such as the one that happened to a juvenile cat to continue, so that they will take legal measures so that the crime is not punished.

"We were thrilled to have told us that not only is it seen here, but in other sectors of the country, and therefore we can not remain unconscious that we will take this kind of action, "he said. He also said that he would assess the association of lawsuits or appeals.

"We are talking about a child"

Similarly, the regional director of the Senate, Mario Miranda, said that "we understand the situation through social networks and we contact the Office of Protection and Rights, to contact the family, and to be able to provide the alternatives that are necessary to help." Today ) we have become part of the Family Court to join the cause of protection that was previously open. "

He said they were waiting to see how the case developed to assess "if there is any question of protection as a precautionary measure in any of our programs."

In addition, he made an important call to the rest of the community, in order to be able to talk to their children, to see the control of their access to social networks, on IouTube. It is about the danger when minors are exposed, not only in this case, where there are also cases of maltreatment of adult juveniles.

Justice Minister Fabian Mella said that this case refers to the government both in criminal and civil matters. "We know that Chile has adolescent criminal responsibility, which could be applied in this case, but also We are worried about the overwhelming reaction that is happening. Let's not forget to talk about a child Yes, although he is 15 years old, he is a minor. "

"We urge the community to be cautious, there are institutions that investigate it," he said, asking the public not to follow the "funas" created in social networks.

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