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Severe criticism of the new Minsal campaign on HIV

He did not have a good reception new HIV campaign promoted by the Ministry of Health.

In a 30-second video broadcast on social networks, the video is picked up while a group of people are looking at the camera: "One of these people can have HIV and you have 10 seconds to discover it. But it's impossible to know, because it's the only way to test. Take a test, take care of your body, use a condom. Beware of your life and the lives of others.

Critics came from foundations and activists. For the Ekuuales Foundation, e.g, "This campaign is a bug".

"This perspective is the opposite of the human rights approach and which campaigns on HIV / AIDS should be. Stigmatization of HIV-positive people is not the way"They say.

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Activist and journalist Victor Hugo Robles, he criticized "Police and investigative format" campaigns. "It's not approaching a quick test, but the benefits (abuse) of people, some of them with HIV, posing a daunting challenge:" You have 10 seconds to discover it, "he says.

From the Movement for Sexual Diversity (MUMS) pointed to "Co-ordination with preventive work and organizations of people with HIV".

Trans activist Alessia Injokue he commented "to talk about it It must be serious, careful and respectful; we are talking about people, their lives, the huge social stigma they charge, and advertising, instead of fighting, is increasing. Presenting HIV to people as criminals only complicates speech on this topic and discourages testing"

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