Monday , February 6 2023

Should La Vinotinto play in the Concacaf classification? (Analysis) Football 123



Once again, the senior national team of Venezuela is not in Qatar in 2022, in a new attempt to qualify for the World Cup for the first time.

There is no exact formula for coming to the World Cup, I hope any Venezuelan would discover it to get it and give it to Vinotint. But in such difficult qualifying rounds as those in South America, any positive result is a plus for the road to any World Cup event.

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And yes, it’s hard to qualify in South America, there are two of the most successful teams in the world. Brazil and Argentina, but there are also teams of tradition and history such as Colombia and Uruguay. In addition, there are dozens of fierce people and we can put Peru, Paraguay and Chile there. And now Bolivia under the hand of Cesar Farias is proving to be a tough team inside and outside La Paz.

And where is Venezuela?

The South American qualifiers seem to be difficult for Venezuela, meanwhile the way to qualify for the World Cup seems very far away. You have to be honest, there are problems and solutions, and if this team has something, then it falls and rises, but that is not enough.

So we can talk about what, Should Venezuela play qualifiers for Concacaf?

A tournament that mostly dominates from start to finish, Mexico and the United States. In the second step, we can put Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama and Canada, which have animated the Central American football scene many times. But far behind are good times in El Salvador and Jamaica.

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But you have to be clear, the level here is very low, currently Mexico and the United States are competing alone, and Canada is the only team from the rest that can go to war with the above. The others fight each other, taking advantage of the location to see if the wheel will get off the cart … Concacaf is smaller than Conmebol.


He would like Venezuela to play in Concacaf. The answer is yes, of course. Venezuela in Concacaf would already have reached the World Cup. If she arrived in Panama in the last 20 years, she was perfect for Venezuela as well. Had El Salvador qualified for two World Cups, Venezuela would have already qualified for the World Cup. If teams like Trinidad and Tobago went along with Jamaica, Venezuela could leave, it would not always qualify in all qualifications. but he already had one, two or even three world championships under his belt.

What is clear is that Venezuela currently does not have a structure to qualify for the World Cup, and if the doors of Concacaf open, we will see if it would be for the Caribbean group and if the road to the World Cup would really be without paying the toll.

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