Tuesday , January 31 2023

Stop everything! Marko, from Pacto de Sangre, responded to Magu Valdivia and offered him a shirt hat


The character of Nestor Castillane acknowledged as a fan of Colo Colo, said he knew secrets behind the wheel and wanted a "reward" in exchange for his favorite clothing.

Jorge Valdivia is a guy who likes to relax watching TV. She has already enjoyed Pasapalabra and is now enjoying Pacto de Sangre, a TV show that interrupts her at night.

By the way, in his style, the Wizard used the reversal of character: Marco, played by Nestor Cantillan, who always wears the same clothes. "Without removing a hat", they said they were talented through their stories.

Facing that, the same Marco answered him in the official television networks. "Wizard, I'm a colocolo puppy, with a heart, asshole. I do not give you an egg because you like the night like me. We've seen a few rollers. So, do not smell me on a hat and I do not give you a shoe for the night and for little curls, right? Because I have the gift you gave me, do not you remember? You gave me a five-step, golden little one, which I always keep with love. Great, Colo Colo! Great, Wizard!, Cantillana commented on the 10th favorite.

Video | Marko responds to the magician Valdivia

Moreover, he offered her an agreement. "Wizard, look, when this series ends, there is not much, I'm ready to give you this." "I do not wipe it from the fourth half." "You will realize that I graduated about 150 years ago. I am ready to give it to you if you give me a T-shirt Colo Colo, my team of hearts, signed by you, from Paredes and our new technical director. Great, teacher, we have all faith! "He concluded.

The ball is on the side of the magician.

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