Friday , August 19 2022

Tesla presents her Model I and confuses everything


Waiting is over. Tesla Motors has finally presented its expected results Model I, clear all doubts (and trolleys) about the mystery of her appearance.

However, this event is not exempt from a short delay. Since many have speculated that the model will be a truck or even more limo.

But no, it's really a question Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), and one quite curious. Since its balanced design and characteristic doors are not weird, it's a pleasant surprise.

Tesla presents her Model I and confuses everything

His silhouette reminds a little about Toiota Prius, without that weird trunk. But this is just the most obvious detail of this car, dedicated to breaking Tesla market and savings.

The model I family is over S3KSI (composed of Model S, Model 3 and this new baby). In fact, in a wider sense, this can be described as a sports model 3 with space for seven passengers.

But keep other details worth mentioning. As an ability to secure 450 kilometers of autonomy in the battery. It is run by a double engine that reaches up to 250 kilometers per hour.

It's like a smartphone

Tesla presents her Model I and confuses everything

There are many configurations for the new Tesla Model I; and because of them the price can increase significantly.

But in its most basic configuration, this car will be sold for $ 39,000. Reaching $ 60,000 in its most expensive and featured variable.

But it is impossible to buy because it does not exist yet

It is interesting that the whole event ended as a kind of marketing movement that was buying time.

All fans know that the company is going through complicated times; They even took them to decide to close their actions and then change their minds again. The closing of the presentation conference looked like an extension of this crisis.

Since the car was introduced in March 2019, it will not be available for sale by the end of 2020.

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