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That was "the discovery of the year," according to the journal Science


The new technologies capable of showing how DNA Send signal to everyone cell which will develop over time, was estimated on Thursday, December 20, 2018 Discovery 2018 by the American magazine Science.

According to Experts, these methods will transform science in the next decades, offering a vision an increasingly precise set of processes aging, healing and diseases.

"Just as musical shows when instruments string, wind and percussion must be played to create a Symphony, the combination of technologies shows when gene each cell, and signal the cells to perform their specialized role, "the magazine estimated.

"The result is the ability to monitor the development of organisms and organs with a level accuracy impressive, cell-cell, over time, "he said.

Modern methods are based on work Nobel medicine 2002, John Sulstonand his colleagues "who mapped the development of a worm, Caenorhabditis elegans, carefully observing how larvae grow cells in cells, "said Jeremi Berg, editor of Science magazine.

"With current technologies, in particular parallel large DNA sequencing and advanced fluorescence microscopy, cells from Caenorhabditis elegans were re-mapped using methods identification, an analysis, an assembly based on the behavior of the gene model within each cell, "he said.

Published items This year about how flat worms, fish, frogs and other organisms begin to produce organs and limbs.

Scientists are trying all over the world to use these techniques in human cells: the way they age and regenerate, and changes that cause cancer, diabetes, or other physical malformations.

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