Saturday , February 4 2023

The daughter of "China" Rios stole his views after returning to her father's fields


The daughter of Marcela Rios, Constanta Rios, attended an exhibition that her father played on Friday before Nicolas Lapentti and his presence did not remain unnoticed by the public.

In fact, the young woman, who had fulfilled her dream of seeing her father's game, was one of the most wanted to take selfies. The teenager attended only the tournament where Rios participated, but when he was two years old.

Last night, the former world number one returned to play the game after seven years and won.

All under the eyes of Constanza, his daughter, born with the fruit of his relationship with Guillian Sotel.

It's worth noting that one of Rios's greatest dreams was that his children saw him play. "It's a great emotion to see my children play and really know what Dad was doing, it will be recorded in memory," says La Cuarta.

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