Monday , March 27 2023

The detective is free after the rejection of the attack, with his official weapon, in which three minors were killed


The deputy police police plundering officer (PDI) in San Antonio, early Saturday morning, arrived in a car at the intersection of El Roble and Campino, in the municipality of Recoleta. The police, whose name was not delivered by the institution, did not serve and intends to visit his girlfriend.

When he arrived at a place intercepted by two other cars, four of them were brought down, carrying firearms.

According to the PDI version, the subject tried to steal the vehicle, and before this situation, the detective came out of the car and identified himself as an investigating police officer.

However, the attackers did not stop the warning to the officers, who, faced with the threat, interrupted their official weapons, wounding three items. The two lay on the floor, while the other two (one of them wounded) managed to escape into the vehicle.

The other arrived a few minutes later at San Jose Hospital where the wounded man died and his companion was stopped by police officers who were in that place.

Two attackers who were injured at the shooting site took emergency services to the same health facility, but they can not survive and die on the spot.

Dead assailants were underage, two were 16 and another 17. One of them had previous records, for robbery with intimidation, robbery of violence and theft of material for public use. In addition, they found the weapons they were carrying at the time of the attack attempt.

In the meantime, the officer is wounded in the background by a loss of low-caliber weapons, which affects his shoulder. He was transferred to the Carabineros hospital, where he was discharged yesterday afternoon and then sent to his home.

According to the information provided by the PDI, at the moment of the incident, the public light bulbs of that place are excluded.


Subversive Alberto Vukes of the Robos Suroriente brigade explained that "the three cases were premature with firearms, with the intention of stealing the vehicle, before the PDI official refused an attack with his official weapon and three antisocial assets." The detective was determined to shoots four times against the attackers.

The deputy commissioner was free, but was summoned to testify at the prosecution to show that his action would respond to a legitimate defense.

In the order of the public ministry, the investigation was in the hands of the police officers of the investigation, who, at the end of this edition, gave appropriate expert opinions to determine the events in the district of Recoleta.

PDI explained that the officer would act in response to the threat posed by four armed men.

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