Saturday , February 4 2023

The difficult moment in which Lisandra Silva lived


Lisandra Silva admitted she had gone through a depression that even led her to assess the possibility of leaving Chile.

This was announced by the model, in an interview with GlamoramaTV: "I missed my family. I felt very sad and very lonely. I started looking for alternatives, because I am a very positive person and I begin to think about the things I have and say "why should I be depressed, when I have all the things I have?" "Lisandra added.

The situation would fade during the last period of his relationship with Leandro Pen. After that, the model recognized that Raul Peralta managed to get her out of the country.

In the midst of a conversation with Eugenia Lemos, Lisandra commented: "You know, we are foreigners, we live in a country where we do not have a family, where we have very few friends. From work to house and from home to work and many times we can not leave much, because you are always looking for photos. They do not allow you to have a quiet life, he said.

"I traveled, I escaped and I was happy, but when I returned to Chile, I felt that something was missing (…) I felt very lonely and began to fall into depression," he added.

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