Friday , January 27 2023

The dollar in Chile today


The exchange market is completely separated from what is happening in Brazil and Mexico, with strong institutional involvement.

Investors continue to transfer the signals issued yesterday by the Federal Reserve of the United States (Fed) in the latest announcement of the monetary policy this year, but that seems a bit of a bit of a local course, ignoring what is happening around him, following his course.

At the close of trading for that day, the exchange rate was $ 691.5, an increase of $ 3.5 compared to the end of the previous day.

The behavior of the Chilean peso dictates the difference from the so-called. Reference currencies, such as real and Mexican pesos. And if Chile's currency is depreciating for almost 0.5%, its peers gain a country against the dollar by more than 1%.

Why is this? Marketers say that institutions, in particular AFPs, would be behind this rising dollar movement in Chile, as important purchases of the US currency would be.

At the moment, the international price of the US dollar – measured by the dollar index, which is in contrast to the basket of currencies – operates with a decline of 0.34% d

This adds a drop in the price of copper. Although the country's main exports rose nearly 0.5% on the London chain, according to Cochilco, futures in all maturities have fallen by more than 1% on Comek.

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