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The eternal history of Salas and Espine went back to his beloved Cole Cole: "They make a very good couple"


Couple Mario Salas and Marcelo Espina It wash again to work side by side. They were in various trenches of the football field and now, as coach Colo Cola and sports director Blanco and Negro, respectively, will always have a complex command of command by the fate of the left alboa, which comes from the rather gray-headed 2018.

Both former players they began to develop a special relationship in Kol Kol, under the command of Gustav Benitez between 1996 and 1998. The commander and squid were part of a group of "heavy scales" in Almar's wardrobe, full of people at that time.

Then they returned to coincide in the Spanish Union in 2007. Coach at the time was Marcelo Espina and assistant Mario Salas, when he just started his career as a coach. In August of that year, they drew 2-2 with Colom Colom, directed by Claudio Borghi. In the Latin American store, there were several ek-albos, such as Jose Luis Sierra and Manuel Neira.

Chile Chart He talked to the former U-17 World Cup shooter in 1993, who highlighted the qualities of each of them: "Marcelo with Mario made a very good pair, Espina was caudile, and Salas played a lot in the Benita era, and even with them I played with Union Espanol (2007), before Marcelo had him as a player, as a member team and And then he was a friend and coach Mario was always a friend, so I think Colo Colo will work very well, he is a very good coach"he said.

Regarding the memory of Peder, in the second half of the decade of the nineties, Neira said that "Both of them are very good leaders, Espina has separated more than Mario for the position, but I think that for this Colo Colo, they are the best candidates for the moment."

And in Union?

Gonzalo Villagra and Johan Fuentes, are long-standing players in the national tournament. Both are currently without a club, after they left Antofagasta and Ikuikue. They coincided with the Spanish Union in 2007, although in that year had a bad campaign, the technical team Marcelo Espina and Mario Salas left a pleasant memory.

Villagra said that "I have a very good memory both for both professionals and people, they worked excellently, although this did not have good results, but the job that was everyday was spectacular, very professional."

On the other hand, Fuentes mentioned the characteristics of both: "Salas is a very talented coach and has complemented Espina very much, who saw the hardest technical part and very well read the tactics of the teams in which we played. The deal was a mix of everything, a player, very skin, Marcelo was a bit far", he pointed out.

Colo Colo, the Spanish Union and again Colo Colo. Tandem Salas and Espina, starts a new era in Maculu and already excite their demanding fans.

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