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The extension "El Resplandor" already has an exit date

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (Redakcin) – The arrival of El Resplandor in cinema in 1980, thanks to Jacques Nicholson's impressive performance by Jack Torrance, the frightening character of Stephen King's novel. 29 years later, Evan McGregor will assume responsibility for interpreting the adult version of little Danny in Doctor Sueo.

Although there are several details about the film, a novel published by Stephen King in 2013 was set up for decades after the event at the Overlook Hotel. Danny Torrance is now a 40-year-old adult who has serious drinking problems. With the memory of his father always present, he uses his psychic powers to help the dying elders of the hospices.

But when a girl named Abra Stone is persecuted by a strange and terrifying group, known as the Real Node, Danny decides to leave her retirement to become Doctor Sueo and save her life to a small one.

January 31, Varner Bros.. Pictures released a series of dates for the release of their future films, including "Doctor Sueo".. The film, originally scheduled to be released on January 24, 2020, was finally relocated to November 8, 2019. The film was finished in December this year and it was in the post-production phase for several weeks, so the ending ends with the time for the new date.

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