Friday , May 7 2021

The fatest man in the world says goodbye to a few pounds

Guadalajara. – Juan Pedro Franco says goodbye a kg and that's it cease to be man more obesity of the the world, the title you received after you reached the weight 599 kilograms, but today, at 33 years of age and after three operations, it is 304 kilograms, and aims to lose another 150.

To achieve this, yesterday's third surgical intervention lasted this time, in order to stomach a stomach.

The procedure was carried out at the Hospital Jardines Guadalupe, It took 20 minuteswas led by a bariatric surgeon, Jose Antonio Castaneda Cruz, who assured that the operation was successful, although it has a period of recovery with its own risks.

"The idea is that I will stop being a sick patient for 150 years with 150 pounds less and be closer to their ideal weight." We already have 90 percent improvement with Juan Pedro.

We want your case to be successful, both for him and for the health issue, for us as well, because this is the first case in the history of mankind because other patients died at some stage of the process

stressed the expert.

Despite his progress, the boy remains in the classification of a person with morbid obesity, with a BMI of 88, when he was 173 before his BMI.

Gland is a type of restrictive surgery, implies placing the device around the stomach, which allows adjustment to limit the amount of food that enters the stomach.

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