Friday , May 7 2021

The government once again explains that it will not eliminate or reduce the fee for years of service National

Following criticism launched by the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores and other multinational organizations, the government again went to clarify doubts about changes that could face compensation for years of service or the duration of the contract.

Labor Minister Nicolas Monckeberg denies that this rule is eliminated or reduced, although he insisted on the need to implement another proposal, similar to compensation for each event, in the next labor reform project. The idea of ​​the Executive is that workers can decide between both options.

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The discussion on this point was discussed at the last technical roundtables that the Executive Secretary is developing with experts and lawyers; in the second case with multigramals, although without the involvement of CUT, led by Barbara Figueroa.

At the end of the meeting held this morning with a portfolio job, Segundo Steilen, President of the National Union of Workers (UNT), The goal is to correct the reform of the previous administration so far, not to deal with issues that require further discussion.

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Manuel Agosin, dean of the Economic and Business Faculty of the University of Chile and a member of the panel of experts, discussed the discussion on the establishment of another proposal to compensate the multi-year service center.

The doctor raised the need in the first strengthening training aspects, labor mobility and, in particular, current unemployment insurance.

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However, government claims continue to represent an increase in unemployment insurance, in order to consider changes to the compensation system, to be addressed at meetings scheduled for Thursday and Friday the following week.

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