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"The King of Lion": 7 interesting facts about the original film [VIDEOS y FOTOS] The Commerce | The lights

Disnei He hit a nostalgia to free the trailer of the masterpiece "The Lion King". Thousands of social network users expressed their sense of anticipated progress.

New movie from "King of Lions" It will be released in July 2019. Waiting is long and that's why we will review some of the little-known facts from the original version of the Disney movie.

1. Prizes

Film od "King of Lions" it was premiered in Peru on July 8, 1994. The film won two Oscars thanks to its recording and the Golden Globe in the category of best films, comedies or musicals.

2. Title

The film would originally be called the "King of the Beast". Then he changed to "The King of the Jungle" and ended up under the name "King of the Lion". It should be remembered that this is the first original film he produced Disnei.

Made in Japan

The "King of the Lions" was inspired by the anime of "Kimba, White Lion" of Japanese origin. The Japanese animation was in charge of the mythological Osama Tezuka, the creator of Astroboi.

4. Jabali i meerkat

Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella, Timon and Pumba applied for casting hyena. The director realized that the voices were very funny and decided to leave them to Timon and Pumbai.

5. The Secret of Life

The song "Hakuna Matata" was originally not found in the script "The King of Lion". The first thought was the one that talked about insect eating. Travel to Africa made production, and those in charge of music created a mythical song.

6. Challenge

The stampede sequence lasted for three years to complete. The scene had to be done by a new computer program that allowed him to animate several characters or animals at the same time.

7. Dubbing

"The King of Lions" had a lot of surprise and satisfaction for Disney. The animated film was the first company to be named Zulu for the premiere in Africa.

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