Friday , January 27 2023

The Mayor of Valparaiso announces support to traders affected by the strike from the port and sends a tough message to TPS


Talks between temporary workers at Terminal 1 of the TPS remain stalled, at least this Thursday. More than a month after the start of the strike, the mayor of Valparaiso, Horge Sharp, asked a businessman to control the private company to abandon intransigence and to be able to meet the requirements of the mobilized.

"Mr. Von Appen, if you do not want to help resolve the conflict, you better keep silence, do it for Valparaiso," the communal power said.


The mayor's reference points to Richard von Appen, the owner of Ultramar, the TPS controller who offered gift cards and loans to workers, on the basis of a compensation claim that there are unions.

In that scenario, the same government called on employers to give a little more. However, Von Appen's vision is another. According to him, the businessmen's proposal to "increase aid four times, this is a gift, no assembly is needed, they only have to decide whether to take it."

But the criticism of the businessman was not the only thing the mayor did: he announced support for fewer traders who were hit by the strike.

"We express our full solidarity, concern and support for all trade and tourism in Valparaiso, to which the conflict is unnecessarily expanded, no trader or any member of tourism will remain alone, the municipality of Valparaiso will prepare an economic support package which we will announce in the coming days helped and collaborated with the trade and tourism industry in Valparaiso, added Sharp.

Disorders and Negotiations

Thus, things this morning in the morning and some incidents were recorded in Valparaiso, although they called the day off from the leadership.

That is why Francisco Baez, one of the leaders, assured Cooperativa that "what happened in the morning was something that was not programmed, attention was drawn to people that today was a day of rest, a day of conversation and that citizens have little relief."

"We had a consensus last night not to do anything except to talk to the government, so let's rest a bit, wait for the answer, it will be silent in the day," Baez added, also announcing that there is a job that works to reach a new consensus.

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