Monday , March 27 2023

The Nunoa Municipal Council approves Clinica Nunoa's transfer to the Ministry of Health



After six years of abandonment and unprecedented voting, the Nunoa Municipal Council approved with 10 votes for and one apprentice to hand over the Nuno Clinic to the Ministry of Health.

Thanks to the efforts of Mayor Andres Zaria, Health Minister Emilio Santelices, he agreed to have an infrastructure of 17,000 m², located in Greece with Los Jardines, which consists of an investment of over $ 15 billion.

The head of state was interested in the installation of the Nunoa Care Center there with the Digital Hospital – with experts who will interpret the exams of patients from any area in the country – in addition to the Health Reference Center (CRS), Central Samu and the High Resolution Service (SAR) . In addition, on the lower floor is the "2.0" version of Cesfam Salvador Bustos, which operates in front of the clinic, which will get 700m2.

All these councils approved today the council, which approved the transfer of a 99-year hospital loan to the Eastern Metropolitan Health Service, which will provide various services in favor of public health in the country.

"I congratulate Mayor Andres Zarhi, because under his leadership, he invited a municipal council to an extraordinary session that he was very keen on the issue of the Nunoa community, to remove Clinica Nuno, who after six years of disability took a course in which we could establish a short-term schedule for setting up a series of services will be assigned to Nunoa community. Today, we are witnesses of the historic moment for Nunoa community, because it is clear that when we have a mayor who is prioritizing the people, and on the other hand, the ministry which is in line with the mandate that President Pinera (…) has achieved us with these large health centers, which will be an icon in the development of public health in the coming years, "said Health Minister Emilio Santelices.

For his part, Mayor Zarhi emphasized the importance of this agreement that will benefit thousands of residents who today had to pay attention to other communities.

"I am very excited because it was a dream that our community has been wanting for many years. I spoke with President Pincher when he was a candidate and asked me to inform him about the concerns that were in the municipality and I told him: this clinic can not continue So, when Minister Santelices took office, I immediately got in touch with him and found the best arrangement. We are going ahead, we meet on Sundays, we work silently to achieve this goal, this clinic is doing.Health can not wait. Today, nunoinos can be very happy because they will have a decent z are run, they deserve, "said the head of utility companies, which announced the opening of another pharmacist in the building, to bring medicine to all our neighbors.

Director of the Health Care Service of the Eastern Metropolis, Maria Elena Sepulveda, said that "we will work together to ensure that patients are timely, quality and safe in the neighborhood, community of patients. As we have already said, put the patient in the health care center."

The votes for the Mayor were Andres Zarhi and Governors Guido Benavides, Juan Guillermo Vivado, Paula Mendoza, Julio Martinez, Emilia Rios, Alejandro Placencia, Jose Luis Rosasco, Camilo Brodski and Jaime Castillo. In the meantime, the abstinence was from counselor Patricia Hidalgo.

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