Saturday , February 4 2023

"The psychiatrist said she can not even say that it would be a piece of furniture": the pride of the mother who saw her son with a diploma of autism as an engineer


"In 1997, my Ivan was diagnosed with autism, the psychiatrist said that he can not even talk, that it will be a piece of furniture, I want to tell you that the furniture has just finished the University, I feel an indescribable emotion."

Pure happiness and pride give up the word of Maria Cecilia Lovere after her son, Ivan Gutierrez, graduated as an engineer in computer science after overcoming many obstacles: from intimidation to terrible medical predictions.

For example, the said psychiatrist advised him to have more children, "because with this he does not get anything." And when he wanted to admit him to school, he would have the following answer: "Why do you want your son to learn? Your son will not be able to do anything." If he comes to work, he will have a very small job. These things, but do not think your son will find out something else, get out of your head, "says the woman's wife LUN.

In the meantime, while studying at school, he suffered mistreatment. However, maltreatment and derision were not only their colleagues, but the teachers themselves.

"His co-owners told him he would not end, even the teachers who told him, but he continued and graduated!" Woman proudly confirms.

And the 25-year-old family reward for the family work and perseverance has become a concrete now, after graduating as an engineer. And the mother decided to call the case, sending an important invitation to citizenship.

"What I care about is giving the message of hope to mothers of autistic children, you see everything black and it gives hope, I did not have it, I would tell mothers to believe in my children and that the doctor is obliged to give a diagnosis but not to place a tombstone on a child" , he concluded.

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