Sunday , January 29 2023

The Spanish press surrenders to Vidal: "He won Camp Nou's affection with his own fervor and heart"


Ovation taken by Arturo Vidal when he was replaced by Arthur in the 2-0 triumph of Barcelona over Celta de Vigo for the 17th day of the League, did not leave the indifferent Spanish media They returned to surrender to Chileans.

"Closing the year when the starter confirmed his progress in the ranks of Valverde, he helped in the pressures and deployment, although in the game of support he made one of his most challenging games, the oversea camp Nou, when he was released, recognized his positive rebellion after a slightly drifting landing. The place of an emoticon is a smile from ear to ear"he dedicated himself Mundo Deportivo for the cornea.

In both Brand He also threw flowers on King Arthur: "Valverde once again preferred Chilean enthusiasm for Arthur's position for football. Vidal responded to deployment, sacrifice and auction. His, come on"

Other Catalan newspapers, Sport, qualified him with 6th grade. "He deserves the love of Camp Nou with his ride and heart. The Chilean co-operated in the Celtic game with his own pressure, although little has contributed to the construction of the game, "the media said.

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