Tuesday , September 27 2022

The story of the symbolic dancer Charli Garcia


In 2000, when Argentinian musician Charlie Garcia acted in one of the most memorable moments of Trans-Anne's show.

The artist threw himself into the pool from the ninth floor of the hotel in MEndoza.

Although he did not suffer injuries, this feat took place all over the world.

And finally, 18 years after the jumps, Garcia talked about stories after a dip-

"Do you know why I threw it, because the police pounded me? He was a policeman downstairs and he did not come to say "hey, do not shoot," so I threw myself"He said in an interview that will be included in the biographical series "BIOS" Prepared by National Geographic.

According to him, he already had experience in these ventures, because he "pulled me out of the windmill to the pool a few years ago".

"I practiced these jumps, do you think I was crazy? I'm not crazy, but I only had one jump. There was a tac, a tac (falling into a pool) or a tac and a puff (falling out)," he added.

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