Tuesday , May 18 2021

"The team slept on the title bowls for 2015"

Gustavo Huerta, 61, perfectly knows Kobresal. He defended him as a player in the eighties and assumed himself as a coach in 1991, and then returned in 2004. And yes, he returned to El Salvador. They left last year seeking to avoid falling to the Second (strictly speaking, the third category) and did it. He is now struggling to return to the Primer in the hands of his most decisive player, Ever Canter.

He was excited after an epic return against Vanders.

The match was the one that led us to that, to celebrate with everything. We played against the big rival and the time was running, but the result was not favorable. In the end, we managed to reverse the result of Valparaiso and obviously led us with great joy what happened at the end.

With discounts, did you imagine this situation?

The truth is, no. We did not create opportunities, although we dominated, but lacked clarity. We were also tired. The ball stopped and gave us 3-1 and thought they were ready for the penalty. Then we arrived again. Everything was given in a few minutes and this led to a situation that is very little.

Is Cobresal a team of miracles?

I do not know if they are miracles. What if, in Cobresal it costs everything. I arrived last year and the team was just supposed to go down to Segunda, with six dates to go. We managed to change this and this year we are in the first places throughout the year. In Salvador, few people live, few people come to the stadium and there are several fans scattered around the country. Cobresal is a team that entices the work of players and trainers for everything that lives here.

Now Cobreloa continues to dream …

It will be a tough match. Cobreloa is a team with a huge history that supports it and with a lot of player experience. He is also very strong at home, because he has many people behind him and adds that he had no conversion.

Do both mining groups have the merit to be the first?

At the general table they ended up with more points than us. The advantages were divided, we were very regular and we made a very good first round. They turned upside down, in the first part they were not good, but then yes. Benefits that focus are both.

They had an excellent first wheel and then they broke up. What happened there?

Suddenly it's hard to maintain regularity in 30 dates. We had a loss of a very important player, like Cantero. The second phase was practically not played and each team missed their shotgun. I think that everything we did for Cantero in the first round, which we could perform in the other.

How do you rate your work so far?

It is difficult to talk about one in that, here are the advantages of the players, and also depends much on the facilities that the club gives to the development of the project. I arrived at a very complicated stage; In fact, I do not know if the club would survive if it was on the other. I feel involved in the recovery and the huge campaign we had this year.

There are several players of the historical title Cobresal. How important are they at that time?

Not only are they pillars. There are great players here, who also contributed a lot. There is a base of experienced people who are mixed with young people to produce results. When I arrived last year, I felt that the campus was sleeping on the laurels of the title of 2015. They did not realize the bad weather at the club and myself. This stress has served and influenced the good of the campaign.

You criticized what happened to Fernando Diaz. Does he leave the Chilean technician in a bad way?

We leave a very bad picture of what the College of Technicians is. Assuming that the management, after the technician left and assumed me, looks ugly. Maybe you do not know what happened to a trainee, but it's ugly that the president of a college technician asks the coach to take over. It's very bad about the situation.

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