Tuesday , January 31 2023

The three were playing for prisoners in the San Joakuin Prison


Alvaro Henriquez he returned to the stage with his band The Three. And as an introduction to what will be his presentation at the La Cumbre Festival, this Friday played in the women's sanction center San Joquein.

The idea is conceived as a Christmas present for prisoners who serve a punishment at this place, according to the words of the band's lead during the show.

"The Wall of Prison" It was a song chosen for the beginning. Then, successes love "Put", "Tea leaves" and the one most wanted by the prisoners: "Violent Love".

This exclusive Los Tres concert is just the beginning of what will take place live in the summer of 2019. On January 12, he will be at the La Cumbre Festival, at the beginning of February at the La Serena Festival and in Lollapalooza on March 29.

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