Sunday , November 1 2020

They confirm the Carmen Gloria Arroio program to achieve the dignity of two girls

The Santiago Court of Appeal upheld the sanction it had issued National Council for Television (CNTV) a TVN because of the program "Carmen Gloria at the Service".

Since the personal opportunities of the two girls were exposed in one chapter, the state channel must pay 200 UTM (about $ 9,719,000).

According to the decision, "The National Television of Chile, the media house, was created conduct contrary to the proper functioning of television services, since the exhibition of the program, as it expanded, wasThey expressed dignity and a real girl, and the mandate of Article 8 of the General Rules on the Content of Television Broadcasting is not respected ".

In addition, the judiciary described TVN as a repeating offender in this type of sanction. This is the fifth channel referring to the year 2019.

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