Sunday , January 29 2023

They find order in chaos of melanoma


EFE / Madrid

Melanoma is one of the most aggressive tumors, and from the first moments it can result in a metastasis, which, in addition, appears to be a seemingly catholic way with the participation of many processes. Now, a group of Spanish researchers have managed to find the order in this chaos.

Namely, scientists from the Melanoma Group of the Spanish National Center for Oncology Research (CNIO), led by Marisol Soengas, have shown that metastatic processes do not take place through independent mercenaries, but are coordinated by the general captain: protein p62. .

This means that many processes involved in the metastasis of melanoma, which have been created independently of each other, have a global coordinator which is previously mentioned protein p62.

According to this paper, one of the p62-controlled proteins is FERMT2, explains the CNIO press release, remembering that it had not previously been associated with metastasis in melanoma.

The paper shows that both FERMT2 and p62 can become a prognostic marker of disease evolution in patients.

To reach their conclusions, scientists have made a complete study with the most advanced bioinformatics technologies and have achieved the detailed characterization of p62 and all the processes in which it is involved in melanoma.

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