Wednesday , May 25 2022

"They literally lowered my salary"


Although everything indicated that the peruvian Hans Christian Malpartida, better known as Miguelito, was far from Morande with Companion, silenced the rumors in the morning in CHV, the channel he was negotiating to sign up at La noche es nuestro.

On the way through the morning, Miguelito said that "Kike is very close to us, the process was painful because there is a good feeling among everyone (…) They reduced us to 50% and production makes a miracle to keep the whole team".

"They literally lowered my salary", he said.

The historic Mega program will be reduced to one day of broadcasting, and several actors did not accept the current conditions of work.

"We are in good relations, we have not reached an agreement this year, but it is a professional agreement and it can happen to everyone." "Thanksgiving for each of those who integrate Kike 21, headed by Kike Morande," says Beto Espinoza via video on social networks.

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