Tuesday , January 31 2023

They offer $ 100,000 a year to live without a mobile phone


The American company suggested this wonderful challenge to its customers.

It's almost impossible to understand life at the moment without a smartphone or opt out of the Internet and social networks. For many, living without a mobile phone is practically a difficult challenge to fulfill.

I challenge a company in the United States to place my clients. "Did you know that one in two people says that they can not live without their" smartphone "? Is it a challenging word that Vitamin Vater puts on the internet to see if anyone laughs live a year without a mobile phone.

Interested parties should publish in the social networks of the company why they need to rest from their mobile phone and things that will work during that year without a smartphone.

To get $ 100,000done 70 million pesos, must prove that they have not used their phone for 365 days and will be subjected Fake detector.

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