Sunday , October 2 2022

They represent the project so that older adults can apply for a Proddar scholarship


This Wednesday, Deputy Erik Oliver presented a project aimed at extending the scholarship to Proddar for the elderly who competes in a higher or main category.

According to an initiative presented by a parliamentarian, The idea is to open an item for providing financial support these athletes.

He followed the first national athlete 84-year-old swimmer Eliana Busch who achieved great performance around the world in 2017 when he achieved a bronze medal in combination 200 meters and 400 free in Budapest, Hungary.

In the presented project it is emphasized as "It is extremely necessary to establish a funding line for those athletes who continued to represent our country in spite of years, in the sense that it must coexist with economic disturbances every day, which in some cases shortens the possibility of meeting the goals set for each competition. "

He also adds that "the state must guarantee an equal, inclusive and non-discriminatory approach to all its policies, plans and public programs, in turn, create the necessary conditions for the exercise, promotion, protection and development of physical and sporting activities. "

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