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This way, you can use Google Maps to avoid delays in any place

The Google Maps app lasts several months with the Daily Travel feature to alert you to new features on the normal route.

Navigating the city to a routine place where you often have to go to work, whether it's work or education, is something that almost everyone does. Normally, during this time of displacement, nothing special happens and we simply arrive at our destination without major difficulties. However, there are days when, for various reasons, fate seems to be against us and we can come later. In view of this, Google Maps has a solution.

It's a tool called "Everyday Travel". This fulfills the function of setting the path in which the user has to travel every day, allowing the app to know exactly where to go and at what time.

But what is the purpose of this? In addition to giving Google Maps more information about us than you already have, This is useful to find out if something unusual happens along the way. For example, if there is an accident on the road that generates a lot of congestion, it is the duty of the application to tell us what is happening and to give us solutions as alternative routes.

Although this has already been done in applications such as Vases, Google Maps is responsible for this automatically. Just set the route one time, tell which days the week was taken, and at what time the trip was given.

Google Maps

How do I use it?

All you need to do is enter the application and look at the bottom of the "Daili Trip" icon. Then the button will start to configure your day trip, which will ask you for the address of your home and your business. You can do this by typing the address or by placing an arrow on the map.

In addition, you will be asked for a tour schedule. It's nothing unusual: it just looks for the time you normally go in and out. After that, he will ask you how normally you are transporting. Among the options is walking, biking, in your own vehicle or in public transport. Just be careful to help the app choose the route you normally use.

After configuring, the Daili Travel tool will help you to move effectively to work. In the event of an accident or more traffic than usual, the application will send a notification notice. In addition, it will display alternative routes and calculate the time it takes to use it.

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