Friday , May 7 2021

THK Nordic shows a new trailer for Darksiders III

THK Nordic is still very active with the promotional content of Darksiders III, and not in vain, its saga is more profitable and more praised by critics. After that, we saw the game and the film presentation of the game, they showed us a trailer called "Horse without a name" (a horse without a name).

The video does not contain gaming, it's a kinematics centered on Foura and a relationship with its horse, Rampage. After all, Furi is one of four apocalypse drivers and no horses without a horse. The description of the video makes little in the history of previous war franchises "Ruin is following the war, Despair after death, Rampage monitors the anger". It's the name of every horse with a driver that follows in Darksiders and how their names are called a thematic way.

Darksiders III is a Hack and Slash, a genre that focuses on combating several enemies on the screen, a literary translation of the genre is a "cut and crack". The franchise is characterized by a multitude of RPG elements, including raising levels, creating objects and exploring.

Regarding history and setting, Darksiders is praised for its aesthetics, artistic direction and a festival focused on Judeo-Christian religious characteristics. In this offer we will control Furia, elemental power riders and who will follow the story that has remained open in Darksiders 2.

Development is in charge of Gunfire Games, a young studio, mostly composed of former employees of THK branches before it bankrupt. This studio also made remake Darksiders II available PC, PlaiStation 4 and Xbox One, the same platforms where Darksiders III will be available with Furi and Rampage as protagonists on November 27th.

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