Monday , March 27 2023

Those strikers Prince Harry as "merciless"


UNITED KINGDOM. Work in the royal family is considered to be a privilege in the UK, and an empty plant attracts an endless number of candidates. It is therefore strange that one of the Assistants Meghan Markle I gave up only six months of doing a perfect job at the royal wedding.

The source consulted by the Daili Mail portal commented: "This is a real shock. Why would I want to leave a job so prestigious soon. "

Although initially spokeswoman Palate Kensington declined to comment on the departure of this woman named Melissa, in an unusual act, the anonymous source of the palace was authorized to "surrender", so to speak, the recognition of his work, who reported.

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"Melissa is a very talented person. She played a key role in the success of the royal wedding and would have missed everyone in the Royal House, "as hard it was.This means that his work at the Palace was excellent and that his departure could have been for another reason, perhaps a lack of understanding with the Duchess from Sussex.

Melissa, for example, had to deal with the crisis before the wedding that the Saseks army suffered when they found out about the refusal Thom Markle to attend On the wedding, take your daughter to the altar just a few days earlier.

This information is published just after the publication of the book "Charles 70" by journalist Robert Job, in which he assures that Kate Middleton has had friction with Meghan for the way it treats staff palates. The Cambridge Duchess has repeatedly asked the former actress to calibrate her behavior with the staff.

But Meghan's demanding character would not be new, but came from his time as an actress in the Suits series. Your ex-agent Gina Nelthorpe-Covne described how a decisive woman succeeded no matter what happened.

Gina said Meghan she was merciless with her time, with the attention needed and with its priorities. She was "delicate" with everything, her clothes, her schedule, her relationships with her colleagues, and if the worker did not feel good enough, she rejected him because she did not share her vision. Meghan "likes to continue."

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