Saturday , February 4 2023

Transantiago Electric Bus causes collision damage


The first crash involving one of the new Transantiago electric buses was registered today. Accident, according to the first known predecessors, would be caused by a poor maneuver of the driver of a smaller vehicle, says Metbus, in charge of a fleet of clean energy machines.

The incident occurred in the morning, at the corner of Avenida Grecia and Ramon Cruz, in the nun. Humberto Franchini, the operational director of the firm, explained that a van traveling west of the country through Greece turned left without regard to the traffic lights and collided with an electro-bus. The impact caused damage to the bumper and front windshield of the machine, which will be repaired during this weekend.

Transport Minister Gloria Hut pointed out that this fact is being investigated and invites users to protect electric vehicles. Despite the incident, Metbus held a good evaluation of the machines that cover the route between Penalolen and Santiago Center. To date, 66 thousand people have been transported by electricians.

In the meantime, this Saturday will add a new contingent of buses that do not pollute the environment on the route 516, between Pudahuel Sur and Penalolen. Franchini also acknowledged that there were complaints from users via social networks, because in some buses there will be no air conditioning, so drivers have an increased measure of retention.

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